Did you know that a REALLY high % of Chinese billionaires are self-made? When you look at a list of the richest Chinese people in the world, you’ll see that they climbed their way there! This compared to only 45% of the rest of the global billionaire’s milling about, who have in many cases, inherited their wealth. The Chinese rich list is not a list of people born with silver spoons in their mouths!

And, Chinese billionaires are also younger on average too, with  the average age of 53 years old, compared to a global billionaire average of 64 years old.

The leading industries that Chinese billionaires dabble in are real estate, retail and technology.

So, just what makes the Chinese culture so unusually successful as a nation?

  • An exciting economy
  • The natural ability to adapt to change
  • A mentality that values seizing opportunity
  • Hard work
  • Self-discipline
  • Competitive
  • Positive
  • Analytical desicion-making
  • Perseverance

Who are the richest Chinese people in the world?

  1. Huateng Ma
    $41.8 billion
    Chairman of Tencent Holding (Technology)

Huateng Ma Richest Chinese Billionaire

2. Jack Ma
$40.2 billion
Began his career as a teacher, and then launched Alibaba, the massive online retailer and tech company.

Jack Ma Alibaba


3. Hui Ka Yan
$27.5 billion

He has made in billions in real estate, coming from a rural upbringing and having worked as a technician in a steel factory.

Hui Ka Yan 10 Richest Chinese People

4. Yang Huiyan
$20.7 billion
She is the only woman on this list, and the richest woman in Asia. Her fortune comes from property development.

Yang Huiyan Richest Woman in Asia

5. Wang Jianlin
$18.1 billion
Wang served in the army for 16 years before embarking on his billionaire journey into real estate. Must have been great training!



6. Ding Lei
$17.2 billion
Made his considerable fortune through internet technology.

Ding Lei Richest Chinese Billionaires


7. Li Hyan
$15.5 billion
His forte is creating renewable energy. He started in business by borrowing $8000 from his university tutor!

Li Hejun Richest Chinese Billionaires

8. Lei Jan
$15.1 billion
This super successful smartphone manufacturer and software tycoon previously worked as an engineer.

lei jun Richest Chinese Billionaires


9. Zhang Zhidong
$15 billion
Started his internet and technology empire building at university, and is a co-founder of Tencent.

zhang-zhidong Richest Chinese Billionaires


10. Jan Jiche
&14.1 billion
He was one of 9 children, and started out as a school teacher!

Yan Jiehe Richest Chinese Billionaires

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