The Most Expensive Homes in the World

Do you dream of having a palatial pad? One where you drive for miles up the driveway before you get there? Home is certainly where the heart is, and it makes sense to make it as beautiful and comfortable as you can.

But these are off the charts! In sheer size and splendour, featuring manicured gardens, hundreds of rooms, priceless artworks, loads of history and a place for hundreds of your closest friends! And cars, and horses, and helicopters, of course!

Here’s some fab facts about the top 5 most expensive homes in the world:

Buckingham Palace, London ($1.55 Billion)

Liz and family certainly know how to live in style! There are 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace. Do you think she has even been in all of them I wonder? Nineteen State Rooms, 78 bathrooms, 92 offices, 52 bedrooms and 188 staff rooms.

Buckingham Palace is a MUST visit whenever you are in London. Its majestic presence speaks of so much history and culture. Queen Victoria was the first Royal to live there, in 1837. It is packed to the brim with the most majestic of artworks – tapestries, paintings, sculpture and more. The gilded wall and ceiling detail is astonishing in itself, and even got an architect fired for going over budget!

But its not all state rooms and priceless art. Buckingham Palace houses a cinema, pool, police station, clinic, ATM and post office!

It’s hard to believe (with all those Beefeaters guarding the palace) but a young man named Edward Jones has broken into the palace three times, that he admits to! He stole Queen Vic’s underwear, food from the kitchen and is purported to have even sat on the throne! The scoundrel was exiled to Brazil. Oh well, at least his head wasn’t chopped off!

Antilia, Mumbai ($1-2 billion)

This gargantuan home is built in one of the most expensive per square metre roads in the world, Altamount Road. It’s a WHOPPING 27 high-ceilinged storeys tall. But, you know, 6 of those floors are dedicated to the cars. Home James! The home has its own car service station, which makes sense if you have over 100 cars.

The home is owned by Mukesh Ambani, and the family that lives there totals 5 people. He has taken care to ensure the building can survive an earthquake of up to 8 on the Richter scale.

There are 3 helipads on the roof, so you can all take off and land at the same time if needed. There are nine super-fast elevators to play (sorry, I mean transport yourself) in. Plus an entire rec centre with pools, spas, yoga and a dance studio. I’d love to bust some Bollywood moves in there!

In order to keep this little operation running smoothly, a compliment of 600 staff have been hired.

Villa Leopolda, Cote D’Azure, France ($750 million)

Ooooh, there are 50 acres of exquisite gardens here on the Cote D’Azure. The current owner of this amazing villa is Lily Safra, widow of the Lebanese banker, William Safra. This exquisite, classically European-styled home is reminiscent of the ‘Belle Epoque’ (Beautiful Era.) A time in history between 1871 – 1914 and the outbreak of WW1 that was a time of prosperity, abundance, artistry and innovation.

The property has a rich history, and the land it stands on was bought by King Leopold the second, for 1 Franc. It was a gift to one of his mistresses! ONE FRANC. How times have changed!

It’s also been a military hospital in WW2 and was used as the set of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, ‘To Catch a Thief’.

Villa Les Cedres, French Riviera ($410 million)

Another beautiful French villa, this one was actually built for the King of Belgium in 1830. It is steeped in style, history and ornate woodwork, and currently owned by Italian Davide Campari-Milano.

Imagine this was your home? You could browse the astounding library collection full of botanical books, dance in the ballroom or take one of the horses in the 30 stable equestrian block for a little gallop in the manicured grounds, while checking on the 300 year old olive trees!

Four Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons, New York ($220 million)

This is one for the sports fans to lust after! A full basketball court, two lane bowling alley, squash courts, tennis courts and swimming pools will keep you fit.  And in case the power trips, Four Fairfield Pond has its own power plant.

The dining room is a mere 91 feet long – could be lonely from one end of the table to the other if you don’t have loads of guests.

The mega-home is owned by USS businessman Ira Rennert, and constructed from limestone in the Italian Rennaisance style, on prime Hamptons beachfront property of 63 acres.

It has 12 chimneys, a 100 car garage and delightful formal gardens. Ira Rennert is a somewhat controversial figure, and neighbours have not been happy with his extension plans and even vetoed some of them. Just shows you, you can’t actually buy good neighbourly relationships! But I guess you could say he is the self-made epitome of the American dream, as the son of Polish and Romanian emigrants.


If you’re not quite in this league, take heart, a small, cosy, happy home is just as good as long as there is peace, love, laughter and joy in your home, you are rich beyond measure!



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