The Most Expensive lists

Hellooooooo High Flyers!

Or maybe you’re not a high flyer just yet! That’s ok, your ship (or yacht) will come in soon!

Enjoy this fab collection of the world’s most expensive and luxurious items, it’ll blow your mind! It’s fascinating to see what people spend their money on. They say money can’t buy love or happiness, sure! But it CAN buy some pretty AWESOME stuff!

So, just what makes something really, really expensive? It’s actually a very interesting psychological question! Some ways to make something highly valuable:

  • Materials used are many and costly.
  • Use of cutting edge, latest technology you don’t find in the everyday world
  • The item is so scarce or rare, that it’s value skyrockets
  • Great and enduring artistry or design have high price tags
  • Items of great sentimentality command hefty amounts
  • Items that have had significance in history, have great value
  • If the buyer is a collector, then they will happily pay for beautiful objects that suit and complete their collections

But most importantly, it is the value to the buyer that creates the demand, and the price tag! Crazy eh? So a violin made by Italian artisan Antonio Stradivari in 1719 (only 650 were ever made) could be worth $45 million to a musician or collector, or just be a very old instrument to someone who doesn’t care for it!

Enjoy these lists of the most advanced, rare, sentimental and historical collections of beautiful things in the world!

We’ll be adding loads of new collections as we go, so if there is anything you would like to see a Rich Lista ‘Most Expensive’ article on, drop us a line here.